For a Retina MacBook Pro, here are the great stocking stuffers to keep the thing good as new:

  • AppleCare. Although expensive, there is nothing like a true three year warranty and a local Apple store
  • iPearl mCover. Yes it makes the MacBook Pro heavier, but there is no better protection for bumps and things. I like the clear cover, so you can still see the beautiful aluminum. It does add 10 ounces of weight, but that gives you pretty much total protection. Fits Model A1425 which is the late 2012 model and the A1502 which is the late 2013 model. Direct for $30, so not too expensive at Amazon for $20 or eBay.
  • Uppercase Keyboard Protector. Well, I’ve spilled way too much on a keyboard, so getting a high quality TPU skin is a must. The good ones barely feel like they are there. It’s $13 and worth it!
  • Case Logic LAPS-133 13.3 inch laptop sleeve. Ok, if you are really paranoid, get a sleeve too like me for impacts that the mCover can’t handle. $18 from Amazon or for $10 the Amazon Basic sleeve which does the same thing or a CaseCrown which has a space for an iPad too. The PAS-213 has a pocket for your charger at $22.

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