Photo sites


So if you don't have an unlimited hoster (like bluehost) and don't want to maintain your own gallery (like zenphoto), here is what you can do. There are a zillion of these things according to wikipedia:
* Flickr. This is 1TB of storage which is pretty close to unlimited for free. They also allow seamless embedding into other web sites which is perfect for integration. It integrates with Facebook so facebook friends can see a stream of these photos. It also supports WordPress directly by posting photos directly to your blog. They also have a widget to put it on your sidebar. Or you can embed a slideshow or an entire gallery in a page or in a post. The slideshow is really nice for a wonderful looking front page.
* Shutterfly is free with unlimited storage. Wow. And you can make books and so forth from it. You can embed them into WordPress although this does use Shockwave, so your users will have to download a flash player
* Picasa now Google Plus. If you also are on Google+ and photos less than 2K pixels are free. So pretty good for the web site just doing viewing. This thing seems to have disappeared into so I'm not quite sure how to use thi.
Some others just skimming wikipedia looking for popular sites that are free with unlimited (or essentially unlimited storage):
* 500px. This is free if you limit uploads to 20/week, but tough if you have an existing portfolio

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