What a pain this actually is. Here are the steps assuming you have Photoshop:

  1. Take your photo against a white background (a wall for instance).
  2. If you can turn on the grid feature of your camera, so that you take a “square” picture. On a 3:2 system that means you want to chop off the bottom third.
  3. Start photoshop and load the photo. Choose the crop tool and hold the shift down so it is square and cut out the extra parts.
  4. Get your dropbox account and put this photo (i can them 2×2) in there so when you are traveling you always have a digital photo. Good for replacing passports etc.
  5. While you are at it take a photo of your passport and drivers license and stuff them up there too.
  6. Now here is the tricky part. There is no easy way to print a bunch of 2×2 on a single 4×6 sheet.
  7. You have to get an old script (see the instructions) and then run Photoshop in 32-bit mode to get it to run!
  8. On a Mac, do this by going to Applications folder and doing a Info on Photoshop CS5 and click on the open in 32-bit mode button and start
  9. Now you will see in File/Automate the Contact Sheet option and then you have to load a bunch of copies of your photos (six for a 4×6)
  10. Then run the contact sheet and you get the six images stitched together. Argh!

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