Been buying quite a few accessories over the last few months. Here’s a quick retrospective on what works:

  • TwelveSouth HiRise vs Konnect. These are both nice iPhone stands. The TwelveSouth is more expensive but works better if you have a case because it doesn’t have a fixed distance it won’t work on all cases. All told, the TwelveSouth High Rise is more expensive, but works better. BTW the Amazon reviews are so frustrating, they aggregate the HiRise for the Mac (a totally different and not as good product) with the HiRise for iPhone and iPad Mini. The main drawback is that you have to be mechanically inclined to put it together, (hence all the one star reviews). Works fine if you are that way 🙂
  • Luvvitt Tempered Glass Screen Protector . Ok at $20 this is ridiculously expensive, but it is also ridiculously good. It is actual glass so it doesn’t bubble or distort like a plastic screen protector. Really amazing.
  • Luvvit Clear Case. It never made sense to me that with a beautiful body like the iPhone 5s gold, you can’t see it in the case. This case is truly clear and yet protective.
  • Bluelounge Cable Drop. Again a little silly, but they have nice colors and keep your cables from disappearing from the edge of your desk!
  • Magcozy 2-pack. A silly gizmo but important. A little piece of plastic that ropes your magsafe 2 adapter to all those old magsafe chargers. Saving you $$$ from buying new chargers for newer MacBooks.
  • iPearl MacBook cover. Like the Luvvit, these are amazing because they are relatively light but completely clear and protective, so let the beauty of your Mac shine on!
  • Tweezerman Baby Nail Scissors. I think wire cutter turned us on to these, but they really work great for delicate work. Despite the name, fine Italian craftsmanship makes a difference!

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