ARgh, why does Apple have to make simple things so hard?!
If you only want a piece of a song then using Garageband ’11 (aka release 10.0, isn’t that confusing!), here is what you have to do:

  1. Change to time mode, so you can see lengths, click on the very center “LCD” display on the left side there is something that looks like a metronome. Click on it and select the clock
  2. Importing the song, for some reason, it doesn’t let you “import” m4a’s anymore. You have to open iTunes and then drag and drop from there. Duh.
  3. Once you have the song, there is no obvious way to just get a region, the purple end of song doesn’t appear anymore. Instead, you have to click on the menu View/Editor (you can also type E or click on the little scissor in the toolbar. Man I really don’t like tool bars!
  4. At the bottom you will see a detailed edit menu and there ruler on top. Clock on the ruler and a light orange region comes on and you can drag the front or the back to get it to the right length. Drag to make it the length you want. This is called region editing. You will also see the same orange region appear on the very top ruler. Really it is a measure and time bar, but whose counting.
  5. Now when you choose export Song to Disk, a new button appears which is Export Region only and also automagically, the option to export in MP3 appears

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