We are using Git’s version of Markdown for most of our documents. A big advantage over a regular Word file is that this is easy to diff and edit and manage. But while the syntax is nice, it certainly isn’t WYSIWYG. It would be nice to find something that is and is free.
Here are the choices:

  1. Github itself. They have a tool for doing these edits. It isn’t visual and you have to flip back and forth. But that’s the simplest
  2. Stackedit.io This is a web based tool and has a side by side pane for visual use. In many ways I like this mode because you don’t have to guess what is going on underneath (as you do with Word). But it’s definitely for nerds. The downside is that you have to authenticate Stackedit to write to your Github which is a security hole. Also it doesn’t support Firefox!
  3. Dillinger.io does work on Firefox and uses the same trick. Got it through a search on google 🙂 And you’ve got to love the .io URL and the use of the coolest stack (node.js, express, ace and note they like Twitter bootstrap for web ui).
  4. Mou. This is a Mac offline editor that is like Dillinger. Also freeware and nice that it does side by side as well.

via Editing Markdown for GitHub | Modus Create.

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