Wow this is a little complicated but getting Digital Ocean to work is a little complicated, but here are some tips:
Ssh into Digital Ocean Droplet
When you into the thing, you are using the root password, so you need to look at your droplet IP. Unlike things like bluehost you get a unique IP for each droplet.
When you SSH in, you think it works like github, you just add your or the public key to the user interface. This doesn’t work. Droplets that are already created don’t read form there. You have to ssh in with your password and add it directly into the authorized_keys in the droplet

cat ~/.ssh/ | ssh root@[] "cat >> ~/.ssh/authorized_keys"

Ssh into Bluehost
You need to goto the control panel and choose SSH access, then insert your key and then authorize it. The you can ssh in to your base user account and then the address of the server.

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