Safe browsing

It’s a scary world out there and Vlad was wondering what I use to make browsing safer. Here’s a list ordered by how hard it is to live with::

  1. Password manager. There are two good ones. I’ve used Lastpass but 1Password at least is open source so you can inspect it.
  2. Two factor authentication. Turn on in as many sites as possible. Apple, Github, Dropbox, Google, etc. all support it.
  3. WOT. Web of trust, Gives you a rough view of what sites to trust.
  4. Startpage. It is google results, but they don’t keep track of you cookie or query-wise.
  5. Adblock Plus (depends on version). Ad blocker
  6. Ghostery. This an anti-tracker tool, blocks ad tracking websites, but it gets it wrong occasionally and disables sites. Blocks Facebook, Twitter and other bugs
  7. Javascript Blocker. The most annoying of all, but basically blocks Javascript elements and is the most intrusive

Then there are things that are good to load on your machine:
7. OpenDNS. These are DNS servers that promise they won’t record your queries.
8. Private Internet Access. This is a $10 a year service that is a VPN if you care about Comcast and others snooping you. Really a must for laptops that wander in wifi around the world 🙂

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