Red Moon or the Tetrad on April 4


This is last time in the next twenty years to see this, but we are on the third for four lunar eclipses that happen in two years. It will only be a few minutes long, but worth watching. But how to figure out where it is.
First thing is figuring out if it will be cloudy or clear. The Clear Sky Chart helps with this prediction (although its quite an eye chart). As an aside, it shows that at 5AM on Saturday morning, it should be clear and decently dark. Pretty useful!
Next up is where it will be, West Seattle Blog says over the Olympics which should be a nice sunrise photo! If you are a true nerd, then Moon Position will tell you the exact azimuth and bearing. It shows that it will be 17 degrees above the horizon and 241 degrees (or 267 magnetic) so a litte south of west. Probably best seen then either from waterfront of Seattle, West Seattle or Magnolia 

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