are so many different notes about how to do this. Basically, the default appears to be Nouveau open source drivers, but you can also used the proprietary nVidia ones. The main problem is that with Ubuntu 14.04, these proprietary drivers don’t show up in the driver user interface. So how to kick it when say installing a new GTX-970 card.
There are a few new commands. First is to use ‘Jockey’ which handles drivers (get it?) and it has been renamed to something more sensible:

sudo ubuntu-drivers devices
sudo apt-get install nvidia

However at least for 14.04.02 with GTX-970, this doesn’t work and there are no devices found. So to do manually you need someone’s PPA, so that is either mamarly or edgers

sudo apt-add-repository ppa:mamarley/nvidia

The edgars more usually:

sudo apt-add-repository ppa:xorg-edgars/ppa
sudo apt-add-repository
sudo apt-get update

Now figure out what version you want by looking for the stable release on, right now it is 346

apt-cache search nvidia-
sudo apt-get install nvidia-346

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