Panoramic photography


Well the world is changing, with so many pixels, I've been using Hugin to stitch things together. GoPro just bought autopano and it feels like panoramics are going to be much more common, so what to recommend via Quora:
For stitching, there are have been two long time pay choices, AutoPano and PTGUI. They are supposed to be much easier to use, but I've like Hugin because it works and is free. I might give those two a try to see.
For viewing, there are a bunch of tools that will take panoramas that turn them into virtual reality scrollable views. This is kind of a neat idea. Photos you can't print but use a computer to scroll around. Makes even more sense with high resolution displays.

The initial stitching tool list is largely the same:
– PTGui Pro and AutoPano Pro are the two top-level stitchers. (I include AutoPano Giga with AutoPano Pro.)
– The open-source Hugin is also very capable, but it's more technically demanding and can be frustrating.
– Photoshop is great for stitching general panoramic views, not bad for 360-degree but non-spherical panoramas (i.e. ones that go all around but don't go all the way up and down), and still a waste of time for full 360x180 panoramas. It also still doesn't allow for precise 'control point' alignment of images, and probably never will, so I regard that as a pro-level limitation too.

Once photos have been stitched together into the composite panoramic image, PTGui can generate the final interactive media. However, I use Pano2VR and KRPano for this. (These do very similar things, so I choose one or the other depending on requirements.)
Another useful tool is Panotour Pro, by Kolor (who make AutoPano).

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