havent posted cool apps for a while but amazingly useful and well designed apps (at least to me)
The first are essentially replacements for services I want to love but can’t:
iOS photo deduplicator. Wow iOS and iCloud sharing is so strange. Now all I get are duneed duplicates that clog the “tiny” 5GB space. Although limited iCloud sharing remains the best for me because so many people have apple devices.
Newsify. newsify is a really nice iOS application that makes it way simpler. Terrific user interface. Plugs into Instapaper mobilizer so you can just see the text (no ads!). Don’t really need web anymore 😉
Then there are the nearly great. 
 Circa. I’ve been reading bbc and ap for news (fewer ads than cnn) via iOS for a while and doing web reading but most news is a duplicate. Circa is a nice auto generated summarizer. Good for top news but missing on notifications. Breaking a news 
Flickr. Wow despite the things said about yahoo, the Flickr web and iPhone applications are beautiful and a TB free and supposedly private ate great. Plus their mac uploaded watches files and incrementally uploads new images. It also sorts photos by folder name which is wonderful if you’ve been careful to curate your collection and dates work correctly. Although if you are scanning make sure to change the exif and you have to manually sort the uploads into the right albums. 
The cons. The website remains so frustrated though. You can select all your photos and make them all visible to family. And you can only add six photos at a time to a group. So strange they making sharing so hard. And they have disabled google and Facebook login so everyone has to have a yahoo I’d ugh. 
Sharing remains so complicated mainly because I’d like to share high resolution and yet not have to have friends and family use a new login or have my photos owned by someone else (Google or Facebook ugh). 

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