This seems to be the fastest low profile card that will fit into an Antek ISK-300/150 box. Here are the best prices but it is the eVGA GT 730 DDR5 2GB card:

  • $71 from SuperBiiz which is cheap although their are not the best (6.9/10)
  • $76 with $3 off for this week plus 4% rebate plus $2 shipping so $69 net.

Overstock. $75 with 5% rebate and free shipping or $71 plus 5% if you pay $15 a year for O-rewards

  • Walmart. $76 by Tekenvy with 4% rebate or $71.04 and free shipping

Staples. $78 but has a 5% rebate plus 3% in rewards so $71.76
B&H is  $74 1.65% rebate or $72.20
Rakuten. $75 as well but does have a 3% rebate plus 1% rewards so $72.75
All of these beat the Amazon benchmark

  • Amazon. $75 which is the benchmark price

Here is one that was so complicated I couldn’t get and one that was above

  • Sears. $78 with 5% rebate with ShopYourWay has $10 off for $50 purchases in their funky point system. And unfortunately in Safari I couldn’t add to the Sears cart and with Chrome, it would work properly with the rebate site. And they charge extra for shipping. Also the $10 off worked, but the shipping is expensive at $6 each. Plus there is a 15% off over $200, but this didn’t seem to work either. So great promos, but hard to use.* Wal
  • Best Buy doesn’t stock these with 4%

  • Target doesn’t stock these with 5%

  • Buydig doesn’t with 2.5%

  • Tigerdirect doesn’t with 5%


    • Adorama with 2% doesn’t stock.

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