This used to be a small obsession of mine, making ring tones. I used to use audacity to find a 40 second clip and then make an AAC version and rename it to m4r and it would just work with an iPhone.
Lately though I found a kind of hack way to do it with just iTunes tanks to wikiHow that involved using the start/stop feature of iTunes and then doing a rename. Saves having to download audacity:

  1. Find your tune in iTunes
  2. Choose Get Info/Options and then set the Start and Stop time where you want it. Ringtones have to be 40 seconds or less
  3. Right click on the tune and choose Create AAC Version
  4. Got back to the original tune and deselect Start and Stop (otherwise, you’ll never hear the full song again!)
  5. This will now create a separate clip that is just your 40 seconds
  6. Choose Reveal in Finder to get it and change its name to m4r (I normally then move it to a dedicated m4r directory, but that’s optional)
  7. Go back to iTunes and remove the short clip from Music
  8. Now double click on the m4r and it will be added in Ringtones section instead of Music
  9. When you sink, ask for all ringtones to be synced

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