Ugh monopolies are horrible. No choice for any broadband and yet despite paying them $$&s for years, we have service just collapse in the last year. Had five truck rolls and technicians all report the same thing good signal at the street and terrible signal by The time it gets to the house. 
Even had a so called line finder come and discover comcast put a gigantic loop into the system. Cable comes down to the house then goes back up to street and then down again. Argh!
Despite numerous calls and promises they don’t call back and each call to Comcast is like a Groundhog Day. Hilarious almost to have a tech on Monday confirm the problem. Even leave his phone number and his supervisor and then never call us back. 
Well now that even the cable dvr to a dead along with internet and phone despite all new equipment (how does Comcast afford all these truck rolls?! And 90 minutes on the phone?!). 
I’ve given up and  now trying these tricks. Wish me luck;

  1. Calling every person who has given me their number five times a day. Maybe filled voicemail will help. 
  2. Tweet a complaint. This worked once before for verizon. Look for a Seattle Comcast Twitter account. I need to find someone in Seattle engineering apparently. 

  3. Facebook a bad review. I don’t think any hope there. Comcast has a 1.3/5 and their last Facebook post was early 2014?!

  4. File FCC and Seattle complaint. It was one form and I’m pretty sure a dumb idea but why not

  5. There is. Rumored executive complaint group so tried emailing the ceo

So what’s up next to try? I don’t know. 

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