iPhone 6 and 6s accessories


Well the cost of these accessories has really collapsed, but here are the must haves:

  1. Tempered Glass screen protector. The glass is so strong now I don't know if you really need one, but it for just $7 from Tensdar, you can get a tempered glass protector and never worry about it. We usually get two per phone. Amazon has a about 1 million of these (probably all from the same factory in china), but you want 9 hardness. Note that the maxboost one is the best seller and appears to be slightly thiner at 0.2mm which is nice for $7.
  2. Clear case for $11 from Trianium. I've never really understood why you buy such an incredibly beautiful phone and then put it into a case, so these clear plastic TPU cases see great. They offer good drop protection and you can see your phone. There is even a style that is a bumper with tempered glass on each side for even more clariy.
  3. Wallet case. There is one reason to cover your phone up and that is so you can stick your drivers license, card key and one credit card. Amazing how often that is all you ever need. A good plastic case really works well (I had one that used a neat rubber cloth holder, but this gets loose and the cards come out). igeeksblog.com has a good review, but it is hard to go wrong with the #1 seller on Amazon called the Vault Slim for $10 or Vault Slim for iPhone 6s Plus for $15.

Finally some optional but useful items:

  1. Waterproof bag. If you are ever near the water these work well if a bit clumsy but way better than a bulkly Lifeproof case. $8 from JOTO
  2. Bluetooth headphones and sport band. For those of us who run all for $30 total from G-cord for the headphones and band
  3. Reticam tripod mount since the iPhone is so good now, you can use it for shoots and the tripod is nice to have

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