This is actually a really fun feature on the iPhone 6s Plus. you can see a mini movie next to each still. There are a few tricks:

  1. While you can export these out to the real world, you get a JPG and a MOV file and these do not import well back into the Mac world. I store them separately for archiving, but this means that my workflow has to split.
  2. So there is the new flow. For iPhone 6s images, you have to stay in the iPhoto world at least until Adobe and DxO figure this out. So leave them all there and edit with Photos on the Mac. Then when you want to share them with iPhone users, you can use iCloud sharing to do that. 

  3. For everyone else, export originals unmodified and then put them onto your file system.

It is a pain but worth is as those little Harry Potter like photos are pretty cool.

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