Wow, I don’t know why Amazon doesn’t advertise these things more, but I’m kind of stunned at the things you can get if you are Prime member now. You should sign up! In order. Well it isn’t 42, but it sure feels like it:

  1. Of course the obvious one is free two day shipping.
  2. Free Amazon Now deliver if you live in the right cities.

  3. And with Amazon Prime submemberships. You can invite four other people to get free shipping. 

  4. Amazon Prime Store Card. If you get approved for this, it is a free charge card with an amazing 5% rebate on things that are from Amazon. I’m not super clear on this, but I think it doesn’t include things that go through third party sellers. So you want to use it for things that are fulfilled by Amazon. Right now you get a $20 gift card and $50 off the Echo for signingup.

  5. This quarter if you are a Discover It or Chase Freedom (both free cards), then for the first $1500, you get 5% off of Amazon purchases. I think this does cover merchats we sell through Amazon, but we will see. If you bought Discover It in the first year btw, this is doubled, so it is 10% off!

  6. Amazon Prime Video. I actualy like this service quite a bit because on the iPhone it let’s you download videos (which Netflix doesn’t).

Then there are things that are cool extras:

  1. Amazon First. You get a free Kindle book. Wow free books got to love it.

  2. Amazon Household. Similar to Apple family plan, you can share your digital content with one other Amazon account. There is some sort of kids thing that I don’t totally undersand

  3. Amazon Prime Music. You can listen to a million tracks for free.

  4. Amazon Photos. I do not use it because I have high resolution photos, but for other folks, it sure is nice to have unlmited storage for photos as an archive.

  5. Amazon Gold Box. You get 30 minutes advanced notice. Personally I’m more of a research first than impulse shopper.

  6. Amazon Mom. You can share you diaper discount with others.

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