Nerdy facts for bus users


Ok I’ve been trying to be good and use the bus and run to work. One strangeness with the Orcacard. If u get down to zero balance and have autologous enabled you can actually get on the bus. Auto load only triggers if u get to zero and the refills. 
It also doesn’t show any balance until you tap the card. It is a bit unnerving to walk into a bus with zero balance but if you don’t tap in you won’t see it trigger. This happened because my credit card got to be invalid so slide below my usual $10 recharge down to zero. So u can actually run at zero balance. 
And a friendly reminder that if you have a Chase Freedom card in 1q16 you get 5x bonus points for the bus. That’s 10% off! Sapphire blue always 2x so 4%. 

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