Sailing Watches

Well the kids swear by their Ronstan sailing watches. They are actually made by Optimum Time in the UK, but they are reliable and ubiquitous, but there are definitely other options:

  • Aquastar Match Race 9010 ($120). It is Swiss and has a cool collection of dots at the top for the countdown.
  • Gill Regatta Master Watch II. $175. This is a huge watch (not as big as the Ronstan though)
  • Optimum Time OS Series 2 ($68 from Amazon) (aka Ronstan Clear Start $85 from APS but 15% off if you are a college sailor or $72). They are the OEMs for the Ronstan watches
  • Ronstan Clear Start Race (aka Optimum Time OS Series 3 $117). This is a gigantic but clear watch.
  • Stunt Regatta ($219) I always loved my Suunto and this one is complex but provides lots of functions

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