Using a PC Keyboard with a Mac


Well, this has been fun, I really love the Corsair 70 mechanical keyboard, but getting ti to work with a Mac is quite a trick, here are the two big things you need to do:

  1. The Windows and the Alt key are reversed on a PC Keyboard, so the Command key and the Option key should get flipped. You can do this in the Keyboard or just get used to the flip. This is in System Preferences/Keyboard/Modifier Keys
  2. The Function keys do not manage brightness and so forth. You need to download Karabiner and the in Change Key/Change F1..F19 Key & Functional Key make the change so you can change the brightness and the sounds etc. Note that with this keyboard, the Mac recognizes it, so it's other keys like mute and volume work. As does Play and rewind.

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