OK, if you type all day (like I do), you get quite opinionated about keyboards, here’s a list of my favorites:

  1. Corsair K70 Cherry Blue. $119. This is super noisy, but so much like the IBM Selectric or original IBM PC keyboard. All mechanical. We have a Cherry Red and it is great for gaming, linear action, but the Cherry Blue is the one for typing.
  2. Monoprice Deluxe Backlit Keyboard. $17. Yes that’s right, it’s $17, but so much better than the various Microsoft and Logitech keyboards I’ve used throughout the years. A short throw and in the Scroll lock place, you click and it illuminates. It reminds me of the original Sun workstation keyboards. Short throw keyboards.
  3. Apple Wireless Keyboard. $80. Well, like the Monoprice one but way more expensive, really nice throw though at least for me.

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