Apple Watch 2 and fitness trackers


Well, I normally wear and old school mechanical watch (Hamilton rules!) mainly because I liked Interstellar (and it was the star of the show). But my Garmin tracking watch band broke, my Suuonto watch (thanks Brad!) finally gave up the ghost after 15 years, and I tried the Apple watch, but gave them away.
So now with the Apple Watch 2 out and all those fitness trackers, what’s the right strategy:

  1. I originally thought the M1 processor in the iPhone was kind of a gimmick, but I now find I like seeing my altitude gains and the peaks, but there is no decent heart rate monitor.
  2. Apple Watch 2 finally has a GPS and they perhaps have figured out it is not a communications first device, but a fitness device first, but the battery life remains a big obstacle.
  3. Thewirecutter and the site both think the Garmin Vivosmart HR. it has the key features I need, long battery life, continuously heart rate monitoring and the HR+ even has GPS tracking which I’ve found to be great on runs and rides.

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