(A small refuge from all the political news), here are the latest recommendations:

  1. 9V Batteries. if you use them in smoke detectors, etc., then you want one with lots of charge. But Powerstream.com recommends the Energizer Industrial has 450 mAH or the Rayovac Industrial Plus. They have nearly 50% more charge of a Duracell Coppertop.
  2. SATA SSDs have just about disappeared as a high  performance product with the advent of NVMe and m.2. But there are still differences. The 850 EVO remains one of the top performers and the 1TB version is just $350. Plus it has a 10 year warranty Finally for budget use, the Toshiba OCZ Trion 150 is just $250 for a 1TB version.
  3. Finally if you need some hard disk drives for your server or NAS, then right now the Storagereview.com folks show that 8TB is now the new sweet spot and that the new 10TB are just coming out. Wow, what an increase in density!

The picks here are a little confusing, but the Newegg and Amazon reviews are a good guide to reliability as is the warranty period. While a little more expensive, the 5-year warranty

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