Well with my troubles with Bluehost, time once again to see who the best hosting partner is. Now that Bluehost is owned by a mega-corporation, I wonder what else is out there. A quick test at webhostinghero.com does show the speed issues with this site.
Bluehost has been pretty decent to me, it’s about $12/month and allows unlimited storage (not really, they complain if you are over a certain limit and threaten to close you :-), unlimited email, websites, ssh access as well. The main issues are their Cpanel is pretty confusing and their documentation is a mess plus they only have chats and no trouble tickets. Also their shared hosting is very slow. On the plus side, their email seems to work pretty well and they give you decent control.
There is of course GoDaddy which Blake runs and they’ve been doing better, but what do the reviews say? They are actually quite fast, but have DDNS attack set at 25 concurrent users, not a big deal for me, but nice to see they are doing well.
A top real performance review shows they like InMotion, SiteGround and A2 Hosting, so it might be time to do some trials and see where it leads.
One problem by the way is that all the reviews are biased because of the various bounties that hosters put out there. But SiteGround could be the alternative company that makes sense particularly with great support.
One issue is that they only do WordPress or website hosting, so I need to find another place to get email services.
The big problem is that the internet is filled with spam on reviews or just ones that seem to disagree with users. For instance, PC Magazine did a review and feature-wise they liked Hostgater and Dreamhost. Hostgater like Bluehost offers unlimited storage and email. They also like 1&1 for WordPress hosting with unlimited data and sites. But who knows how good this review is given the scathing comments about 1&1’s product and Dreamhost and Hostgater.
On the other had, InMotion Hosting is only average according to PC Magazine, but the user comments gives it great reviews. And WebhostingHero seems to like it too. Plus it also offers email hosting which is nice and much cheaper than Google hosting.

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