I’ve had a chance to use Youtube, Netflix and Amazon on three 4K screens in the last week! I just wish one of them were one I actually owned. Here’s what I learned:

  1. The in TV applications work really well. I tried it 0n a Samsung 6300, a Sony OLED and a Vizio. All late model. Right now, it does seem simpler to just use the in television applications rather than an outboard box. It removes one level of complexity for most users.
  2. If you do not have an the Amazon and Netflix 4K in your television, then you should get the nVidia Shield, it is the only box that does 4K HDR and has Amazon, Netflix and GEForce.
  3. Getting Netflix 4K to work is a little complicated. You need to sign up for the UltraHD plan, you need to set (on the web interface only!) that you want HIGH for data transfer and not auto. Then you should see a new category called Netflix 4K and these are mainly Netflix originals. A good collection. To really make sure it is 4K, most of the these TVs have an Info button to see that you are getting 4K (aka 2160).
  4. For Amazon, there is nothing you need to do, you just get this list.
  5. Youtube is also confusing, the onboard applications on TVs do not seem to call it out, so you need to search for 4K to see things.

Note that Netflix and Amazon 4K content only works on devices like these with DRM. A vanilla MacBook even if it speaks 4K will on have it available. Youtube works on all systems though.

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