Ok, I’ve had three cases now of MacBook Pro 2016 which have screen cracks from things that is should not. The repair cost is $700 and they will not cover it under AppleCare

  1. Closing your laptop on an Ethernet adapter. This will totally crack your screen and this is called accidental damage.
  2. Closing your laptop on your Apple ear plugs and this will crack it
  3. Dropping a laptop even with a case will cause a crack, even if there is a screen crack they will not fix anything like USB C or any motherboard problem because they claim it is damaged.

Net, net, if you are committed to Apple you should also know that your repair bill are going to be super high. Recommendations are:

  1. Get a case for the thing.
  2. If anything breaks on your MacBook run to the store and get it fixed before the screen cracks.

Net, net, with the battery life reduction and this warranty issue and the super high prices, I can’t recommend buying MacBook Pro’s anymore. The older machines are pretty good by the way and just as fast:

  1. so a good MacBook Pro 2015 and they are way more durable.
  2. A cheaper windows machine even if they break, they are half the price. Dell makes a decent one as does ASUS.

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