Well, it is so confusing monitors. it took some digging, but it looks like the Samsung MU6300 has a pretty special screw requirement. For a different model of Samsung, they need a M8x45mm course threading (1.25mm/thread). The 45mm is an estimate, but it is definitely deep.
The mounting doesn’t have any of these screws so off to the hardware to store to get a set.
M8Also to mount a consumer TV to a monitor arm, you need a 100mm Vesa to 400mm Vesa plate adapter and of course the screws are wrong again. We use the AmazonBasics (a steal at $99 IMHO), but you need something that attaches properly.
Here is exactly what you need to tie in:

  1. Samsung MU6300 43″ monitor. A steal at $550 or so 🙂
  2. Vesa 400mm to 100mm adapter plate. About $20 on Amazon, this is because TVs have a standard 400mm x 400mm set of screws for mounting, but PC monitor arms use the smaller 100mm x 100mm size.
  3. AmazonBasics Monitor Arm. You can ignore  the warnings about it only working on monitors 27″ or less, it works fine on this 43″ mainly because panels are so light these days. This is a terrific arm and looks like an OEM version of something costs 2x as much.

Then you will be short hardware to mount it, you need comes in a Long Monitor Wall Bracket to TV Bolt package for about $11.

  1. M8 x 1.25mm/thread (the so called course threading) in the 30mm length. Four of them.
  2. A spacer or bushing as the adapter plate cannot be flush agains the monitor. The perfect dimensions are 5/16″ Inner Diameter, 1/4″ long, 5/8″ outer diameter.

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