Good coffee

Well if you don’t just want to go to your neighborhood Starbucks, what if you want really great coffee. Well, we tried olive reviews online, so why not try This is one of those sites where I’m not sure how legit it is, but for a $15 investment, it’s worth it to find out. They mainly review small roasters around the country and the single origin coffees seem pretty interesting. Here are some in the good value category.
That is not $60 for four ounces, but more like $15 plus $5 shipping for 8 ounces:

  • Topeca Coffee. Well this is probably the first thing I’ve ever mail ordered from Tulsa. Their Finca El Gauma is top rated at 94/100 points. This is a “seed-to-cup” vertically integrated family. business, they have farms in Colombia and retail in the US.
  • JBC Roasters. A local Madison Wisconsin family owned business, we tried the Tano Batak Sumatra

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