Chase Ink 5x bonuses on Airbnb and Amazon purchases


These cards are pretty amazing. When you pair a Chase Ink with a Chase Sapphire, you can get 5x points instead of 5% back, that is worth 11% off (assuming 2.2 cents/point).
There is a $75K cap per credit card for this, but you can multiple Chase Ink cards for each LLC and for each person, since you can use your SSN as a business. So how can you use it. Miles and More has a great guide:

  1. Cellular, landlines and television bills. These are easy ways to get 5x.
  2. Office Depot. Staples gift cards. More of a pain, but they do have good sales, note that this is one area where gift cards to other stores do count. So you can get say an Amazon gift card through staples. Then you get 5x off all Amazon purchases. Right now there is even a promotion where you get an extra 5x points for clicking through the chase mall. Total benefit is 10x chase points per Staples purchase for a whole suite of zero mark up cards like Target, Nike and Overstock.
  3. Paypal Digital Gifts. Amazingly it looks like gift cards bought through PayPal also qualify. Make sure to use to get typically a 1-1.5% rebate and then you also get eBay points for another 1%. For instance Airbnb has gift cards there so you can get 1.5% rebate + 5x points from Chase Ink. Not bad!
  4. Swych is an app that allows up to $2K but your lose out on the cashbackmonitor play.

This no longer works for Giftcardmall, Gyft ($500) and CardCash through PayPal. These all code as 5x bonus points. Not that at for all these sites, passing verification is really pretty hard, I was unable to purchase from any of them the first time, so be patient because of course gift cards have quite a bit of fraud.

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