Covered elsewhere but you no longer get 5x points on Ink Plus/Cash on eBay using Paypal Digital Gifts. Also does  not work with anymore, although still works. But most reliable way is to:

  1. Right now on chase, there is a 4x bonus for using chase mall to get to but only for physical goods not for gift cards.
  2. Buy Gift card through the office supply portals. So for instance, they have Airbnb gift cards.
  3. Then click through the site to get 1 Delta point per dollar (was three points last month but that promotion seems to be over).
  4. Then book with Airbnb using the gift card.

There are also occasional promotions via Amerideals for 5% off on Airbnb as well. The net discount is:

  1. 5x 2.2 = 11% from Ink Cash/Plus converted into Chase Rewards assuming you have a Chase Sapphire card.
  2. 1.4% for the Delta point

Net, net, you get about a 20% discount if you buy anything real with Staples and 11% if you buy a gift card.

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