Best Helmet light

Well we tried the Light & Motion Vis Pro and I’m sad to say it failed after three weeks. It got stuck on low brightness and there was no way to change it. Good news is that REI is awesome and you can just go there and they will refund dollars. It is sad because I’ve been using them for years and even have a Vis 360.
So on to the next. Looking at Wirecutter, there are some amazing lights. It used to be 360 lumens was a lot, but now you can get much brighter lights. This is super useful to make sure that cars see you at intersections. But that review doesn’t cover which have helmet mounts.
The best thing is to have both a light on your handle bar so you can see plus a light on your helmet to warn cars that you are there. People will not drive into blinding light, so it really helps get their attention.
Looking at Outdoor Pursuits, the top rated light is the Bright Eyes 1600. Wow 1600 lumens, that is more than many car headlights. More importantly they do note it has a helmet mount. And on Amazon, it is a top choice with a great rating for just $50. Go get it!

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