Accessories for your Model 3 (or Model X for that matter)


Ok listening to “ride the lightning” by Ryan McCaffrey has been great. That guy is awesome as are the many folks on Anyway if you have a brand new Model 3, here are some things to think about getting:

Qi Charger

There is a really cool pad made by Jeda that fits right in the center so it looks really great there. It is Model 3 only. They are working on a Model S/X one as well which I would really appreciate
If you can’t wait for Model S/X, there is a mount that you can use next to your screen that from Absolute Ocean. Personally, I don’t need my phone next to the screen, I only use it occasionally when making phone calls, so the pad is really there right idea. And routing the cable is a little tricky and of course the mount is very visible next to the screen.

Protective Film and Coating

Ok this is one that only makes sense for the true aficionados, but the car is so beautiful and there is so much paint at the nose, that doing a protective film does make some sense. There are really quality folks like say Metropolitan Detail that do the wrapping, but it is definitely expensive at $2K. But if you are planning on keeping your car for a long time it makes sense.
Finally, there is a protective coating that you can add to the car. This lasts two years and you put it on top of the of the film. You can of course do this without the protective coating and it is also expensive at $1K, but will keep the lustre up.

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