Sony RX-100 Mark 5 or 6 accessories


Ok, for your high quality backup camera that fits in between your camera phone and your mirrorless, what are the accessories to get. Hat tip to Brian Smith (his list is a little outdated so make sure his recommendations work for the M6),  Kain Photo for SD card recommendations

  1. Sony Battery and Charger Kit with NP-BX1 Battery Kit ($55). For $55 this includes and extra battery and charger. There is actually a very nice slim line charger that also works called the Sony ACC-TRDCX Travel DC Charger for $50.
  2. Sony SDHC UZ Class 10 UHS-1 64GB. These don't need to be super fast, so 94MBps works. You do need the larger cards so you can shoot 4K with the higher quality XAVC-S format. They are $45 for a 64GB card. If you want to save a little, then know that the Rx100-V and VI use the XAVC-S 4K video codec so they need at least 12.5MBps which is a U3 card with V30 video speed supports. So while you could get a really fast 300MB card, you don't need, it for instance the SnDisk Extreme Pro 64GB is 95MBps read and 30MBps write which is plenty fast and just $27 from Amazon and the price scales linearly to 128GB which you can get for $48.
  3. BlackRapid Street Breathe Camera Strap. I use BlackRapid for my main camera, super convenient and the strap just stays out of the way. $40 but useful if you want it out of the way but available.
  4. Sony PCK-LM15 LCD Protective Cover. To keep the nicks out. $12 of cheap protection. Or us the AFUNTA off-brand one for $7. Note that the RX-100 and the A7RIII all share the same size screen, so the QIBOX 3-pack is not a bad idea for $7.
  5. Newmowa AGR2 Grip for RX100. For $10, get a little grip to make it easier to hold the camera. works for all models from M1 to M6.
  6. Sony Underwater Housing for RX100. Wow pretty cool if you are doing underwater shots.

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