OK so what about the Sony RX100 Model 6, what are the settings that matter, let’s ask DPReview.com:

  1. Set camera mode to P for program
  2. JPEG Quality to extra fine which is 26% less compression
  3. Panorama Direction to UP. You want to turn the camera vertically, so you get more pixels on the height dimension.
  4. Bracket settings to self timer 2 second to avoid shutter shake
  5. Focus Mode to AF-s
  6. AEL with Shutter to ON so that you focus at half press, but you do exposure when you actually take the photo.
  7. Red eye reduction is set to ON.
  8. DRO to Off because it adds artifacts
  9. Initial focus magnification to 5.3x
  10. Peaking Display On, Peaking level low, peaking color yellow, this is to allow DMF so you can focus scenes more after the autofocus works.
  11. Zoom speed set to Fast, normal for movies

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