Well, I’ve been writing way more in Google Docs than anything else these days. The collaborative features makes it way easier to create documents, but there are still some things that you need to make it a world class environment. Here are some notes:

  1. Templates. The basic ones are pretty good, but they don’t really have a memo one.
  2. Google Chrome. It is complicated, but if you dance on your head, you can make it work offline and this seems to function pretty well. Just make sure you have the pages open *before* you go offline, otherwise it really has trouble.
  3. Extensis. To make the thing look professional, you need a few. First is Extensis which let’s you look at all those google fonts. I really like the Trending section to try new ones and you can see stalwarts when you look at Popular. The interface isn’t too obvious, but you highlight some text and then go to the Add-ons section to start it and click away.
  4. Noun Project. I use this for both Slides and Docs, some really professional looking stuff. A subscription is $40 or so a year and they now have a pay-as-you-go option which actually works better for me as we don’t use many icons.
  5. Draw.io. The drawing package is pretty basic when you do insert drawing, this has way more templates. Lucid gets higher reviews, but I like the draw.io templates better.

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