Creating Western or Stencil Look on WordPress


When you are working on blog or a site, the typeface really does make a difference. Yes, you can just use Arial and be fine, but with Google Fonts, there are literally thousands of free fonts available just about anywhere. So what's a person to do if they are not experts. Well, consult the internet and discover:

  1. Stencil fonts. If you want a look that is like a faded stencil, then Dock 51 is just perfect. The problem of course is that that while free for personal use, it is not part of the Google Font set, so you have load the Any Font plug in and then get the TTF uploaded. This isn't actually too hard but way more steps. It is an all caps font though.
  2. Google Font Stencils. There are a few stencil fonts in the free ones that just kind of work with WordPress. They are pretty rounded and modern looking though.
  3. Great font combinations. If you are looking beyond the normal fonts, this is a great guide to things that work well like Lato or Raleway.
  4. Western Fonts. This is a great explanation of what an old "Wild West" font really is. The technical term is slab serif (which actually came from Britain). Fontspring actually has a Western font tag, so you can look through those.
  5. Slab Serif Fonts. They have lots of slab serif fonts that give that older feel.
  6. Fonts with personality. This finally was it, the IM Fell gives that old, written in the declaration of independence feel and it is is Google Fonts!

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