Well in the old world, it was pretty easy, use a San Serif font like Helvetica for the headlines because it was bold and then a serif font like Times Roman for the type because serif is easier to read. Now with a zillion fonts, things have gotten way more complicated.
There are font viewers, recommendation collation sites, there are deep learning systems (but I don’t really understand where they get their data, maybe by looking at what designers are already doing online for from the up and down votes?).
Archetype lets you look, but doesn’t really recommend. And then there are some generic advice that gives you the have one fancy font and then a plain one for the main text. Which is not back advice.
Typewolf and FontPair let you see what professional designers are recommending for pairing. And
Mixfont had some mixed results, but it did look pretty good with Lato and Open Sans. Which is what I had actually. It also suggested Old Standard TT which gives the document an older look to it.
I’m no designer, but to me a completely old document with IM Fell French Canon at IM Fell DW Pica look pretty good.
For more traditional documents, then you probably want something like Lato or Open Sans for readability.

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