These are awesome jackets but the codes are bizarre. They have literally a n x m matrix of names.

But here is what I’ve learned. They have product likes like Alpha and then a two character designation like these for hard shells:

  • SL for super light.
  • FL for fast and light. I don’t know what this means but they say their lightest gortex. So a hard shell
  • IS. Insulated. For the harshest conditions.

These appear to be soft shell design stirs v

  • LT. light
  • AR. All around.
  • MX. Mixed

Then there are the product lines.

  • Alpha. Means for climbing. Do more wear reinforcement.
  • Beta hybrid. Between alpha and beta
  • Beta. For hiking

Then there are no Greek letters

  • Fission. These are heavy duty
  • Proton. Highly permeable synthetic soft shell hasc
  • Sigma. Soft shell pullover
  • Acto. Hard fleece
  • Fortrez. Permeable fleece
  • Konseal. Midlayer

Here are some tips for navigating the Arc’teryx SL jacket collection.
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And her is a review of an alpha SL

Another hint is to look under climbing in their site and see what pops up

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