Chinese and Vietnamese Restaurants in Seattle August 2019 Update

We keep getting asked, what are the good Chinese restaurants. Well YMMV, but here’s our current list of spots that we love:

  1. Dough Zone. They actually have five very different locations in the area. The International District one is super convenient for Mariners games and so forth, but they have a long wait list. The way around this is to use the Yelp Wait List feature, you can check the line dynamically. The other locations like Issaquah are way easier. And the new downtown spot next to the Paramount is great if you walk from Capitol Hill. The signature dishes are the Jian Bao (they call it Q Bao) and the Xiao Long Bao. Get both. We like the Dan Dan noodles too.
  2. Tamarind Tree. Great location in the International District at Jackson. They get crowded so make a reservation. Just about everything is good. The Banh Xeo is awesome. It’s an egg crepe and really good here.
  3. Foodshion. Ok this is one of those places that looks iffy and has a strange name, but the former chef at La Bu La. The main trick here is to try the noodles and bao. Stay as close as you can to real Chinese food by bringing a local with you 🙂
  4. Best Wok. Another great choice on the Eastside. It’s got great sweet and sour soup and other traditional favorites.

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    Baldwin Wang

    Hi Rich,

    Great blog. Enjoy a lot. Thanks for recs 👍

    Keep posting great content👌🏻 Looking forward to future posts

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