Stay focused


Had a great discussion with Tom over the weekend about some goals and letting them. Simmer thoughts about this

  1. Write down your annual goals. Wide a memo to yourself about what you've learned and what you want to accomplish beloved it or not thinking of your life like you would a company is a good idea. It helps you keep focus. It also prepared you for disappoinment. What company achieved all its goals? But it will force you to learn from mistakes.
  2. Have a personal board of directors. These are people who you trust but who will also tell you when you are screwing up. (like all good boards)
  3. Use Trello. Keep track of your annual goals. Break it down into a monthly one. Have your own scrum to figure out what to do next.
  4. On a daily basis i all myself what are the the most important things to do that day. Try to get them done by 10 am and then the rest of the day is literally free. It's incredible how often i leave the most important thing to 5pm when I should have done it sooner.
  5. Don't just put business goals in. Include the personal and relationship ones.
  6. Avoid technical debt. There are always things that take time at first but ultimately save you time. It's why great mechanics have the cleanest workbenches. Spend at least some time stopping what you are doing and fixing things. In modern Life i be as simple as Change your password.
  7. Don't move paper around. If you keep moving that check you want to cash around on your desk. You are eating way more time thing about it than doing it. Budget time for that kind of cleanup too. It isn't extra.

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