What to do with Dell Rewards?

I normally have a terrible time using the rewards programs on various merchant sites. It’s not easy, you get the rewards later and they quickly expire (which is obviously the point). A buddy got $60 of Dell Rewards that expire in March 2020, so what’s a decent deal, well, it’s pretty hard to find, but here are some choices:

  1. Make sure you look at the deal pages. The prices on Dell’s site are usually the list price so they are not very good compared with Amazon. And although they have price match, for $60, it hardly seems worth it.
  2. When you look at the various categories, you pretty quickly find that most of the consumer electronics are way more expensive. A Razor mouse that might go for $35 on Amazon is $75 at Dell, so pretty bad buys. Same for keyboards, headphones and microphones and webcams. I tried them all.
  3. The best category I actually found were uninterruptible power supplies. This varies alot by the deal special, but right now, they have a APC 600VA UPS which is good enough for a modest computer putting out 300 watts for $62. If you look at Amazon, the same unit is $58, so not much of a premium

As an aside, these UPS systems last about five years and then you need to replace the battery, but they are a good investment as bad power is really not good for computers 🙂

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