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One of the problems with the really nice Sony RX100 series of cameras is that they don’t come with a cold shoe at the top anymore.

That means you can’t mount a video light if you are shooting in low light and you can’t mount a high performance microphone if you are vlogging. The solution I found in the Best Vlogging Accessories for The RX100 VII – SonyAlphaLab.

They recommend two compact solutions. The first is a cage that goes around the camera. It has a grip and also a cold shoe mount on top and then. One on the side of the camera. And the whole system is light enough to mount on a image stabilizer.

One of the drawbacks of this system is that you can’t take it apart easily and just use it like a travel camera. One solution to this is the ChromLives Cold Shoe Bracket Extension Bar Hot Shoe with 1/4” Tripod Screw

The smallest configuration is just to use Sony’s RX100 vlogging kid for $99. It has a mini tripod, then the right side has a grip and a vertically oriented cold shoe. On the side of the cage. This is pretty neat stuff. The cages cost $25 and $49 respectively so worth a try. UURig Two Shoe Cage for Sony RX100 M6 and M7

And a nice small microphone is the Rode VideoMic microphone with rycote lyre shock mount VideoMic

A nice video light is the VILTROX VL-162T CRI95+ LED Video Light, Dimmable with Battery, Charger, High Brightness, 3300K-5600K Bi-Color, White Filter and LCD Display. Just note it’s big. Bigger than the camera.

Smaller is the Elivern Perfect 49 Led Camera Lighting, Dimmable Portable

— Read on–set-up-opions-for-the-rx100-vii/

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