Transferring domains NameCheap to godaddy

Ok I’ve been buying a bunch of domain names for folks. Namecheap makes it makes it super easy to buy new domains and there are so many new top level domains that it’s never been easier to find a good one.

So how do you transfer a domain well there are the easy steps

  1. First you normally have to wait 60 days to do a transfer. So set a tickler and you can always throw up a placeholder page.
  2. Then search for transfer domain. Most registers have dedicated pages for this and it’s easier than wandering around in their user interface. For instance GoDaddy’s current url for this is
  3. Then go back to your current registrar domain management page and figure out where their EPP lock is. First you need to unlock the domain and get the code. This prevents people from stealing your domain. For namecheap right note that’s

By the way when you are on this page is a gods time to check everything is locked down and you have two factor authentication on. It’s really hard to get a domain back if you get hacked.

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