Using Google Colab with Github

Ok this is a pretty awesome tool, you can use a free virtual machine with GPUs and TPUs for small Jupyter notebooks. Some quick notes on how to be successful with it:

  1. They include full version control in the Jupyter Notebook itself, but if you want full version control, the best thing to do is to use Github.
  2. When you choose open, there is a tab for Github and when you authenticate, you can see every repo you own.
  3. The one caveat is that with newer organizations, they get created with Third Party Access restricted. Because Colab is not signed by Github, that means you won’t see these repos. As Stackoverflow explains, the solution is you need to go to the Settings and remove that.
  4. Make sure you create a special branch for this, don’t just check this stuff into master.
  5. When you save, make sure to check to save a copy into Github so that the versions appear there as commits.

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