Small aside: Life’s guilty pleasures a Zeroll 1012 ice cream scoop

In these pandemic times, it’s the little things that sometimes matter. Years ago I had a Zeroll ice cream scoop (top recommendation at Cooks Illustrated subscription required). And I can say it really does work. It has liquid in the handle, your hand actually warms the scoop and makes it easier to get the ice cream into a beautiful ball.

Plus it is old school in design and look. The major decision to make is how big a bowl to get. Turns out there is actually an industry standard on this that is based on the number of scoops you get out of a quart of ice cream. So the model 1012 means 12 scoops per quart or about 3 ounces of ice cream.

Crazy expensive at $18, but it will last a life time 🙂

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