Alternative networking over cable and power line

Well I installed both of these to test them. The first is an actiontec moca 2.5 adapter set that provides 2.5Gbps over cable to 16 devices. This network we cut off from the main cable internet connection.

That’s because we have docsis 3.1 and moca 2.5 frequencies conflict so rather figure out how to change frequencies we just run the cable to the cable modem and use cable as another network.

This works pretty well and I can’t tell if we will get 2.5Gbps as there is only a 1Gbps poet but it seems fast. It’s super easy to setup you plug it in and power it up. See the video below but basically if you get a green Lan light and a green coax light it should work.

The second experiment is with a tp-link power line v2 where we plug one into the basement amd then another one upstairs. The theoretic bandwidth is 500Mbps but this depends on whether we are going through GFIs etc. sadly this did go as well got about 10Mbps so disappointing but it definitely worked. So the use cases are where you pretty minimal. Say you have a room and want to hook a console up to the internet and some how the WiFi is bad and you can lay down an Ethernet cable. Or if you have a huge steel wall and no WiFi or cable can go through it but there is a power line.

There is not much specific that can be done but sources of issues are to plug it directly into the wall. It doesn’t like GFIs nor does it like surge suppressors. And lots of power adapters send back current in (not much to be done about that.)

Also you ideally want to have these things in the same circuit so you don’t go through a breaker box. That’s pretty impossible in most homes but that’s a huge limit.

Net net if your WiFi doesn’t work well but you have cable then that’s not a bad choice. Amd if you are really desperate then give power line a try.

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