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Waiting for Ubiquiti Early Access Products


One of the cool features of Ubiquiti is that you can see what the early access products are just by signing up. Because there is conversion to Wifi6 and also lots of new products, it's a great way to see what is coming. Here are the things to look for:

  1. Unifi 6 Long Range Access Point. This is one of their first APs that use the new Wifi6 protocol (although Wifi6e is going to be a much bigger deal.). Right now I wouldn't buy an AP if I could help it. It's time to hold on and wait for Wifi6e in the next 12-24 months since it opens up the entire 6GHZ specture. But I fyo uneed one, then this 4x4 mimo isn't bad.
  2. Unifi Protect G4 PTZ. Ok, so yes this thing is a breathtaking $1,400 but it has a 22x optical zoom with a super fast f/1.5 lens and is a 4K camera. Wow, what a great way to pretend to be in a Jason Bourne movie in your home. I'm not sure you need this unless you are in an airport, but it is way cool looking.
  3. Unifi Switch Pro 24 PoE. This is a nice backbone switch for homes and small business and fills in a niche that is left by the Unifi Switch Pro 48 PoE which is pretty big for a home>

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