Rich’s musings on Gamestop, Sony A1 and Tesla Model S Plaid+, Windows to Mac, Easy Logos for startups, cleaning keyboards and more


Welcome to the February 6 episode of Rich's Tongfamily Tips, Tricks and Traps in Technology. You can always see the written posts on, but included here are:

  • Understanding Robinhood, Gamestop and settlements
  • Anaconda is a great virtual environment with a big leak
  • Distributing your podcast manually when doesn't
  • Moving to Jupyter, Python and Pandas when Excel is too small
  • Moving from Windows to Mac, what's all this then about Computer Accounts
  • Drooling over the Sony A1 camera and the Tesla Model S Plaid +
  • Updating your HomePod manually and using Airplay 2 to control the speakers
  • Easy Logo creating for startups 
  • Installing a Ubiquiti Unifi network for noobs
  • Cleaning your Yucky mechanical keyboard

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