Podcast Pages Up, Goodreads Reviews

Ok, you can now see all my podcasts on a dedicated Podcast page thanks to the miracle workers at Blubrry with the PowerPress Plugin. This gives you a dedicated view that is either standard HTML5 or their own flavor. There are a sea of other Podcast plugins at Optin Monster but I just picked the one on top. You can see my reviews at Goodreads but I wish there were a way to cross post so that every review just appears as a post here. I did set Goodreads to automatically post to Facebook so I supposed that’s something.

Also, I’ve been updating my book reading (more on that to come). I use Goodreads off and on to do this and even have a widget. Sadly, their support for connection seems really old. I know Amazon owns them, but sounds like there is not much investment.

For instance, they just discontinue their developer API so I could get Goodreviews from AddThis to work. It would be really nice to cross post as well, but they only work with Blogger (remember them!).

I guess you just have to manually copy the URL of the review and make your own page. Sad really 🙂

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